About Us

We know roller skiing because we do a lot of it! It seems that some of our competitors are engineers first and skiers second. We are skiers first and know what off season training should be. If we could ski on snow 365 days a year we would. However, summer does have it’s place… and so we roller ski.

Our roads aren’t perfect (if yours are, let us know and we’ll be over to check them out!) and our drivers aren’t always friendly or aware. Our roller skis are made to handle this real world. The wood shafts are comfortable, the weight helps dampen the rough spots, and our brakes bring you to a stop when you need to. We also know that you too would rather ski on snow, and would rather spend your money on a new pair of beautiful snow skis. So, we’ve made roller skis that everyone can afford.

How can we make a quality roller ski for such an affordable price? We deal directly with you, and we keep it simple. Our main business is custom furniture so we really know wood. We nordic ski, race and coach when we aren’t in the shop.

About our warranty and return policy: We want you to be happy. We are a small company and our reputation really matters to us. If you don’t like the skis after trying them for up to 30 days, send them back and we’ll happily refund your money. If the shafts fail within 3 years, return them to us and we’ll replace them for free – just that simple. The New World table itself is guaranteed for life. The accessories are guaranteed for one year. If you ever have any problems, contact us and we will help you. Over the years that we have developed Woodskis we have had former and current members of the US National team as well as coaches, JN skiers, college and high school skiers try them out. Using their feedback we developed a roller ski that will serve you very well indeed. The New World Wax table has been used by local, college and national coaches who all agree that it is the best there is.