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On the one hand roller skis are incredibly simple – two wheels on a shaft…however, there is considerably more to a good roller ski that needs thought and work.  Here is how and why our roller skis are made as they are.

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Shafts: This is certainly the most distinctive aspect of our roller skis, and it is not by accident. The shafts are laminated birch – it is incredibly strong and flexible, giving our shafts a snow ski-like flex, and most importantly, comfort to your foot and body.  With three skier weights to choose from, Woodski gives every skier the right ski.

Some companies extol the light weight of their roller skis, but that is a false benefit unless you are racing on your roller skis. While our skate skis are heavier than racing snow skis, they dampen the road vibrations and also keep the roller ski from bouncing around.

Wheels: We use top quality 100mm x 24mm rubber wheels with aluminum hubs. These are the exact same wheels currently used by the US, Canadian, Norwegian and Swedish national teams!! They are tough and available in three hardnesses which means you can customize your roller ski speed. By mixing or matching you can choose from 5 speeds. Your choice depends on several factors, and we are happy to advise you before you buy.

In general, heavier and more experienced skiers choose slower wheel speeds for training. A 165 lb citizen racer would probably be happy with two medium wheels on a ski – this would approximate snow speed which is a great training tool. You might even choose to purchase extra wheels to be able to vary speeds according to your desired workout.

Brakes: all our roller skis come equipped with our XL brakes. While they are readily removable, we believe that everyone should ski with a braking system. Pavement is just too hard, and cars and other obstacles just too unpredictable to go without a brake. Our brake will bring you to a stop when you need to!

It is important to realize that stopping with roller skis is not like slamming on ABS brakes in a car. If you try to stop too suddenly you run the risk of locking up the wheel and skidding with unpredictable results. You should practice with the brakes before you really need to stop. By simply bringing that foot forward the brake is activated. The brake shoe is a wear item, but it lasts a very long time. The calf pad is adjustable to suit your preference. A screw adjusts the proximity of the shoe to the wheel allowing for wear.

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 6 x 6 in


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